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Mindful snacking and being more Treat Wise is about being conscious of what it is you want to eat, why you are eating and how it makes you feel. It's about snacking with intention and attention.

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Mindful Snacking can be practiced by anyone, anywhere, anytime! Just ask yourself three simple questions:

Why do I want a snack?

Are you hungry? Need a quick pick-me-up? Or simply looking to treat yourself at the end of a hard day?

What do I want for a snack?

Sweet or savoury? Hot or cold? Crunchy or smooth? And…how hungry am I really?

How can I savour my snack?

Remove distractions and use all of your senses to enjoy the texture, experience and taste. Stop to check in with yourself to know when you are satisfied.

Check out the portion icon on pack.

We’ve made this part easy for families as 100% of our chocolate and biscuit products typically bought for children in the UK are under 100 calories- often just enough for a little treat for your little ones.

Those are the basics. Now have some fun! Try out Mindful Treat Time with the family

Remove screens, sit together and try these exercises as you enjoy your treat or snack.


Ask your family about their 5 favourite things about their snack or treat.


Ask your family how they would describe their favourite treat or snack to someone who had never eaten it before. It will encourage them to really think about what it looks and tastes like and why they like it.


Consider the logo on the front of this pack and learn together what a recommended portion is. Think about how this compares to other portions of foods and snacks that you eat?

The key to eating a balanced diet is to eat a wide variety of foods in the appropriate amounts. Treats and snacks can still be part of a balanced diet in the right amounts.

So what’s in it for you?

Health experts and emerging science tell us that eating in a more mindful way can lead to:

A more positive relationship with food*

(*) Hendrickson et al., 2016; Camillieri et al., 2015; Gravel et al., 2014

More satisfaction and pleasure from food*

(*) Gravel et al., 2014; Hong et al., 2014; Arch et al., 2016; Cornil & Chandon, 2015

Less chance of overeating by tuning in to hunger cues

(*) Gravel et al., 2014; Hong et al., 2014; Arch et al., 2016; Cornil & Chandon, 2015; Oldham-Cooper et al., 2011; Higgs, 2015; Mittal et al., 2011; Higgs et al., 2011, Robinson et al., 2014

Mondelēz International supports Mindful Snacking in the UK

  • In the UK, Mondelēz has come together with other leading confectionery companies to form “Be Treatwise”, an educational initiative helping our nation to have a more balanced approach to treats.

    To better inform their approach, BeTreatwise partnered with BritainThinks to learn from parents and grandparents what challenges they face when it comes to treat time with the family.

  • Four children holding a tray with fresh fruit

    We are proud of our award winning, evidence based Health for Life community investment programme, in which we have invested £4.5 million over the last 10 years. Health for Life encourages children and adults in Birmingham to live healthier lifestyles by engaging them in growing food, physical activity, healthy eating and cookery.

    Four children holding a tray with fresh fruit